Chapter 7 Bankruptcy fees

When you finally reach the conclusion that you can no longer pay your debts, you need to start searching for a good bankruptcy attorney.  The amount that each attorney charges for the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy fees will vary, but this is NOT the most important question you should ask.

You can buy your shoes very cheaply at Walmart compared to a sporting-goods store, but should you?  Quality is important.  What an attorney charges for his or her Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fees may be an indicator of the quality of the product you are getting.  While it is not always true, a “discount” attorney may be cutting corners in order to give you the lowest price.  But will your calls be answered?  Will your paperwork be done correctly?  Remember that cheaper is not always better.

I strive to provide a great service at an affordable price.  Am I the “cheapest” attorney?  No.  I have to pay a staff to help serve you.  I take great pride in assuring that the product I deliver to you is what you would expect.  If my only goal was to provide you the least expensive Chapter 7 Bankruptcy fees, then I would not be focusing on the most important goal:  a quality legal representation.

So when you start looking for an attorney, don’t just ask about price.  Ask the attorney how long it will take to get a phone call back, or how the attorney can assure that the paperwork is completed properly.  Remember that you want quality legal representation, not simply the lowest price.

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